Safe Space featured on Sky News

We’re delighted that our Safe Space service has been featured on Sky News. The article covers our Safe Space Community and Safe Space ED (emergency department) services, which provides an alternative crisis support pathway to emergency services.

The following is taken from the article:

In December 2019, Susie Heyes, who is 52, took an overdose of medication. Over the following year she made two further suicide attempts.

“I just couldn’t cope with life anymore. My instinct was this has to stop,” she said.

“At the time I thought everyone was better off without me. I wasn’t thinking about the damage I was causing my family.”

A year ago, she began receiving support from the Safe Space in Ealing.

“Safe Space was invaluable. It was literally what the name says – it was a safe space – so much better than going to A&E, so much calmer. And there would always be something to do if I needed to just sit there and chill.”

Susie describes art as “the cornerstone” of her recovery and now volunteers at Safe Space, running an art workshop for others needing support.

Keeley Tickner, the service manager for Safe Space, is quoted in the article:

“The NHS are brilliant, and they’ve got a great mental health team and system, but having that extra kind of support from charities like us is really important.

“We unpick the crises, the triggers, and then we’ll put a robust plan in place. We can relieve the burden on the NHS.”

The drive behind Safe Space is simple: to provide a place where someone experiencing or nearing a mental health crisis can get appropriate support, whether that’s advice, a personalised action plan, or just a chat.

It’s wonderful to see our fantastic Safe Space team have their work recognised on a national level, and to have more attention on this issue, especially as we head into a difficult winter where many people’s mental health will suffer as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

If you or someone you know if having difficulty with your mental health, we’re here for you.

Read more about Safe Space, or learn about our crisis prevention service for young people.

The Safe Space service is funded by the West London NHS Trust

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Posted on: 10th October 2022

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