Social Prescriber

Social prescribers can support many areas such as loneliness/isolation, housing issues, financial struggles, anxiety and depression, mobility issues by linking them to appropriate services.

Social prescribing is a service that is embedded in your GP surgery alongside your GP and other practice staff, that aims to connect you to community services and activities that support your health & wellbeing using a therapeutic approach.

Confidential space to talk about your health and wellbeing. A space to explore issues that are negatively affecting your physical and mental health and overall wellbeing; those things that ‘Matter To You’.

How can this benefit me:

Mr B was suffering with anxiety linked to housing problems. He was helped to access support for his housing issues and received the help requested from the services he got linked to. “I feel that it’s non pressured, more relaxed…I’ve been able to open up with no judgement”.

Mrs L was experiencing anxiety and depression. The social prescriber supported her with therapeutic approaches such as, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene. This helped improve her well-being

Our areas of support include:

  • Finding a club, activity, or group
  • Lonely, isolated, lack of direction, low confidence
  • Housing, debt, and benefit issues
  • Mild depression, anxiety, stress, and low mood
  • Managing long-term health conditions
  • Low level addiction and recovery
  • Learning or employment advice and opportunities
  • Lifestyle changes (e.g. weight management support, smoking cessation, moving and exercising more)
  • Bereaved and struggling to cope
  • Unpaid/informal carers
  • Links to local food banks and low-cost grocery options


  • Over 18
  • Ealing Resident
  • Registered to a GP in Ealing

Referral Process:

You can ask your GP to be referred to ‘social prescribing’ to receive this service.

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