Wysa is an digital mental health support platform you can chat with to manage stress and feel better about yourself.

Wysa gives you a safe, non-judgmental space where you can talk about anything and everything that’s bothering you. Whatever your problems, Wysa is here to listen.

Every response Wysa gives is written by a qualified therapist, so you’re getting the best advice and support. Wysa will listen to how you’re feeling, then guide you through a therapy exercise that can help you feel better.

If you need emergency help, hit the SOS button to find the right helplines at your fingertips, and do a grounding exercise to put yourself back in control.

Wysa is not a social media platform and users cannot message each other. No one will see what you share with Wysa, and it’s completely anonymous. No email or sign-up is required within the app. As soon as we have sent you a link to Wysa Premium all you need to do is open the app, enter a name, and get started!

Next Steps:

Email [email protected] if you’d like to sign up or learn more.

How it works

We have partnered with Wysa, a leading mental health organisation that provides 24/7 support for young people. Through the app we can offer free support to 13-18 year olds.

It utilises an AI chatbot that allows young people to have conversations about their mental health, without having to worry about being judged by another person. 

Used by over 6.5 million people, the AI system reads what is sent, and then responds with advice or support written by a fully-qualified therapist. The app has been developed by mental health professionals, and contains 150 mental health exercises used to help manage anxiety, depression, and stress. 


Our partnership with Wysa allows young people to access one year of the premium service, completely free, after an assessment with one of our mental health practitioners. If Wysa could be beneficial, they are sent a text with a code that will allow them to download the Wysa app for free. Parental or guardian consent is required. 

Interactions with the app are logging in our mental health records, to build an evolving picture of each user’s ongoing mental health.

If any flagged terms are mentioned during a chat, the app enters SOS mode, sharing local helplines and emergency contact details. An email is sent to us, triggering a follow up call from one of our mental health professionals. 

Wysa is not suitable for more severe mental health cases, anyone who is assessed to need more support than Wysa can provide will be referred to an appropriate service. 

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