The Autumn Statement

The Chancellor explained that presently there are one million job vacancies in the UK, and seven million working aged people (not including students) who are unemployed. But should they all go back to work?

Posted on: 7th December 2023

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National Stress Awareness Day- Wednesday 1st November

National Stress Awareness Day is Wednesday 1st November 2023 Most of us feel the impact […]

Posted on: 31st October 2023

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How to cope with change

Written by Madeleine Chamberlain. The prospect of change can be a difficult one, especially in […]

Posted on: 9th October 2023

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How confidence can impact mental health, and how to become more confident

Written by Madeleine Chamberlain. There are many things that can impact how we feel, from […]

Posted on: 29th September 2023

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How grief can impact mental health

Grief is a difficult and complicated emotional state. Everyone deals with it differently, but it […]

Posted on: 29th August 2023

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Fundraising Spotlight: West London Strings

West London Strings is a local orchestra that has raised money for us, and we […]

Posted on: 2nd August 2023

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Why self-esteem is important for our mental health

Written by Chloe Hall and Jack Terry. There are things we can practise that, over […]

Posted on: 28th July 2023

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HFEH Mind Statement on Met Police and Mental Health

The Met Police recently announced they plan to stop attending calls for mental health-related issues, […]

Posted on: 16th June 2023

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How exercise can improve your mental health

Written by Elion Grajcevci. Physical activity and mental wellbeing are closely linked. Sometimes the best […]

Posted on: 30th May 2023

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What is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, and how can you manage it?

Written by Louise Hill. The following is a personal piece, featuring the lived experience of […]

Posted on: 18th May 2023

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