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News Archive April 2021

How to build better boundaries to protect your mental health

I recently came across a quote by American professor, lecturer and author, Brené Brown, which struck a chord with me in a way that I hadn’t expected during a wild, Friday night of study-time!   What resonated with me was how often we can ignore our own advice when it comes to preserving our well-being, and the various […]

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 14th April 2021

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Buy Yourself Flowers

Now that spring has poked its head out to say hello, it’s made me fall in love with flowers all over again (a yearly occurrence). There’s something about them that just makes me feel hopeful and I find that having flowers in the home brings a real sense of freshness and vitality to the room. […]

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 7th April 2021

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