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News Archive January 2021

Olfactory Reference Syndrome and Me

Where do I start…I have Olfactory Reference Syndrome (ORS).  Basically, I think I smell bad and that others can detect it.  However in reality, I don’t smell and it’s all in my head.  When I say bad, I mean really bad. From rotten eggs, sewage, cheese to onions and human waste. I don’t just think […]

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 22nd January 2021

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The Mindful Approach to Breaking Habits

2021 is upon us and perhaps you’ve committed to a New Year’s Resolution. Like many resolutions before, I’m tackling the smoky spectre of nicotine addiction, but this year I’m taking a different tack.    I’ve spent the festive break immersing myself in mindfulness practice (specifically following the ‘Waking Up’ app mindfulness training programme from Sam […]

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 13th January 2021

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