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News Archive May 2020

Last Week I Had A Fight With My Brother: A Lockdown Story

Last week I had a fight with my brother. We haven’t fought in years and generally get along well enough considering we live in close quarters at home anyway, so it came as kind of a surprise. I say ‘kind of’ as two and a half months of being in lockdown in a very small […]

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 22nd May 2020

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Mental Health Awareness Week – What Is Kindness?

Author: HFEHMind
Posted on: 21st May 2020

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Embrace your boredom and get creative

At a time when we are isolating to stay safe, we are having to adapt and explore new ways to pass the time. For most of us, we are having to completely change the way we work as well as how we look after ourselves and this can be a real challenge. Understandably, the situation […]

Author: Molly Phillips
Posted on: 7th May 2020

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