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Out of Hospitals Pathways

Our service is designed to support adults with stable mental illness to stay well and avoid acute admission. We work with Primary Care Mental Health Workers to set up a simple one-stop point of access to non-clinical / statutory services that benefit people discharged under Ealing’s Shifting Settings of Care scheme.

We provide face to face, telephone and online support assisting people with benefits, debt, housing and well-being advice.

Next step

Ask your GP or community mental health team to refer you via the form below:

This is a referral form for NHS professionals only. We do not accept self referrals. Eligibility criteria includes:

1. Client must be over 18.

2. Living within Ealing or within a one mile radius of Ealing (but has a GP in Ealing).

3. Client must be eligible to receive free NHS care.

4. Client must be moving from secondary care to primary care and is being supported by the primary care team OR client has long term mental health needs and their care remains in primary care OR client has serious mental health needs and can be prevented from moving into crisis by support with practical issues.



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