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How to raise money for HFEH Mind during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health awareness week (May 15th – 23rd) is one of the best times of the year for people to raise money for mental health charities like us.

Mental health will be in the news, talked about on social media, and at the forefront of people’s mind during the week, so it’s the perfect time for anyone who wants to raise money and support our work to launch a fundraising campaign.

This year’s theme for the week is anxiety, which is one of the most common mental health issues in the country, and one we regularly deal with. It can impact anyone, of any age, but we are regularly seeing more and more young people with anxiety.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, we have advice that might help.

How we are tackling anxiety for young people

We’re helping young people tackle anxiety with our new mental health café, one of the first of its kind in the UK: The Circle.

The Circle gives young people a place to go to talk about their mental health, outside of school where they can express themselves honestly, without having to worry about what other people might think.

Read more about how we’re protecting young people’s mental health.

How we are tackling anxiety for adults

Similarly, we have launched Safe Spaces for adults throughout our boroughs, providing a place to get advice, support, or just have a chat about their mental health.

Our Safe Space was featured on Sky News, and you can watch it here.

These are just two of our services that help people combat anxiety. If you raise money for us, it goes towards helping us launch and continue vital projects such as these.

Ways you can raise money for us

We have pulled together some suggestions to help you raise money for us. You can use the theme of Mental Health Awareness week at any time around this period as your ‘hook’ for your event. Ideas include:

A bake sale

One of the easiest ways to raise money for charity is to host a bake sale. You can do it at work, school, or university, and everyone has the satisfaction of knowing their money is going to a good cause while also getting something delicious. Everyone wins, and that’s why a bake sale is one of the most popular and effective ways to raise money for charity.

A fun run

Sponsored exercise is another great way to raise money, while also keeping fit. There are fun runs all over the country of varying lengths, so you don’t have to run a marathon to make a difference.

Face your fears

Some people choose to raise money with big, daring events where they face their fear, like sky-diving, bungee-jumping, or even a performing at a stand-up comedy night.

Casual clothes day

Whether at school or work, people always prefer wearing casual clothes, so this is a tried and tested fundraising method for charities of all kinds.


You don’t have to run 26 miles to raise money for charity. You can take part in a movie marathon, a game marathon, or anything else you think you could manage to do for 12 hours or more.

Whatever you do, pick an activity you enjoy, and make sure to be safe and have relevant permissions if it might impact other people.

How to fundraise for us

If you would like to fundraise for us, please visit our fundraising page, where you can download resources and everything you should need to get started.

If you need additional support, or would just like to talk your fundraising idea through with us, please email [email protected]

Read more about our impact in the local community, or learn about how our values help shape our services.

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Posted on: 20th April 2023

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