5 Ways to improve your mental health

Maintaining good mental health can sometimes be difficult, but there are some techniques that many people find useful in managing their mood, or improving their overall wellbeing. We’ve spoken to mental health practitioners in our own organisation, and have five simple ideas that might help boost your mental health.

None of these are guaranteed to improve your mental health, but each of the tips below might help improve your mood, or start new habits or hobbies which you might find rewarding.

Ways you can improve your mental health

Do something creative

Whether it’s drawing, writing, or making something, doing anything creative can really help our mental health. A creative pursuit lets us switch off and stop stressing about work, or other areas of our lives, and allows us to use parts of our brain that we may not use very often.

When you’re finished, you have something to show for your time – but whatever you’ve worked on doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to have enjoyed making it.

Cook something tasty

Food can have a big impact on our mental health. If you’re feeling more angry or sad than usual, sometimes it can be a sign that you need to eat.

Cooking can sometimes seem like a chore, but spending the time to create something really special can make an evening more enjoyable, and the more you cook, the better you get at it!

Try something new

Doing something you’ve never done before can be a great way to shake yourself out of your normal routine.

Whether it’s a new recipe, a new album you’ve never listened to, or a new part of town you’ve never explored, doing something new can make us feel like we’ve accomplished something, which is a powerful feeling.

When trying something new, don’t go in with certain expectations, or judge yourself if things don’t go as expected, just enjoy doing something new and different.

Spend time with animals

It’s well known that stroking animals can create serotonin, one of the chemicals that makes us feel happier. It can also reduce stress and blood pressure, helping us feel better and healthier.

If you can visit a friend or family member with a pet, just stroking them while you have a chat might really help improve your mood.

Get outside your comfort zone

Our last suggestion is perhaps the most difficult. Getting outside your comfort zone is easier for some than others, but even though it might be a little scary, the rewards can be huge.

Whether it’s speaking up more at work, starting a new exercise routine, or meeting new people, getting out of your comfort zone can push us in exciting new directions, helping us feel like we’ve achieved something. Even if things don’t go perfectly, it’s still a step in a new direction, which is sometimes all you need to start feeling better.

These tips can hopefully help provide a quick boost to your mental health. If you’re finding you need more support with your mental health, please do get in touch with us on 0208 571 7454.

Check out mental health advice videos on our website My Mind TV, or check out our resources page if you need additional mental health support.

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Posted on: 13th October 2022

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