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Temperatures rise but our walkers battle on

Saturday was a difficult day for Jo and Fiona who trekked 13km, mostly uphill, in tempsantiago camino mind charity wqalk fiona joeratures of 21 degrees and above! Plenty of their fellow pilgrims decided to take snoozes in the long grass to escape the midday sun.

Sunday was less eventful – and decidedly less sunny – with grey skies and drizzle plaguing the route. For much of the day, Jo and Fiona were stuck in cabins outside the small, scenic town of Palas de Rei, waiting for the weather to clear.

The pair now have 4 days and 52km to go to reach their 100km goal for helping to improve kid’s internet safety. We wish them all the best!

For some more information on the current discussion around internet usage and children’s mental health, check out this article.

Posted on: 18th March 2019

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