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Song Writing for Wellbeing

We all have emotions and sometimes experiences that we feel we can’t talk to anyone about  for one reason or another. I find song writing one of the purest and most honest mediums of expression; music is naturally connected to our emotions, and can help to unlock feelings where words may be difficult to find.

And let’s face it; as a songwriter you have to stay honest otherwise your songs just won’t resonate with your audience or yourself!

However, song writing doesn’t always have to be serious, it can be silly, comical, satirical,  deep, shallow, whatever you want it to be as long as you’re having fun with it:

Here are some tips to help you get started on your next masterpiece:


Create a Melody

  • This can be anything from a simple humming sound you come up with, or if you play an instrument play a few notes or chords in succession until you pick out something you like and play it or sing it in a loop.
  • I like to use my voice notes app to record myself when doing this to make the next step easier. If you like you can also download a looping app onto your phone (i.e. Jam Looper/ loop station)
  • If your struggling to come up with a melody, use one from the internet or use the instrumental of one of your favourite songs



  • Muse on the melody and try to write or free-style some random phrases and see what sticks out to you. This is a great way to come up with a theme and a great way to let anything on your mind out (and in rhyme no less)
  • When free-styling I  like to record myself with my phone or iPad as sometimes you can hit a flow but then completely forget exactly what you said or how you said it when trying to write everything down later.
  • Be brave!! Remember that no one has to hear your song. Remember! Sometimes the best therapeutic value in song writing comes from being truly honest with yourself about how you are feeling


Flesh it out

  • Once you’ve found a theme you like for the melody start to flesh out a verse or chorus. Some people find it helps to set a time limit.
  • If you’ve decided to use the beat of a song you know, pretend you’re the featuring artist and do your thing!
  • Think about how you may want your verses to differ from your choruses. Will the melody change or will the delivery of the words change anywhere?


Muse on your new creation

  • Remember it’s a masterpiece in progress, sing it, whistle it or hum it to yourself throughout the day, especially when doing menial tasks, it will begin to grow and change; a new lyric here, maybe a bridge there. 
  • Above all remember to enjoy yourself.


By Martine Brighton, Youth Services Administrator

Posted on: 23rd March 2021

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