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HFEH Mind Statement on Met Police and Mental Health

The Met Police recently announced they plan to stop attending calls for mental health-related issues, unless there is an immediate threat to life.

National Mind CEO Sarah Hughes has said:

“It is right to say that when people are in a mental health crisis, they are often at their most vulnerable, so really need the right support. It is also right to say that mental health is core police business, for example, only the police can publicly section people in mental health crisis.

“The police can only properly help people with the right support from the whole system. The NHS needs sufficient resourcing so that people in crisis are treated quickly and in a therapeutic environment.

“Mental health services have been chronically underfunded for decades and much more needs to be done to bring services to the standard where everybody can get the support they need from the NHS.

“Any changes to supporting people in a mental health crisis need to be thought through carefully and collectively so that no one is left without support. New plans need to be rolled out with enough time to make sure strong partnerships are built at a local level so that people with mental health problems don’t pay the price for this kind of change.”

We don’t want to leave anyone dealing with a mental health issue behind. That’s why we have launched new services to help get people specialised support, without having to go to A&E, or wait for the police.

If you or someone you know is reaching a crisis point with mental health, we can help.

Our Safe Space service provides a place to get mental health advice, support, or just have a chat for anyone who lives in our boroughs.

Our Circle service does the same for children and young people, giving them a place outside of school to talk about exam stress, or any other issues they may be having.

Check out all our mental health services for adults, or visit Wellbeing West London, our mental health service directory.

Posted on: 16th June 2023

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