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Welcome to Young Voice: Where your voice is HEARD!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Young Advisor with HFEH Mind’s Young Voice co-production group. Young Voice is a dynamic and inclusive community of passionate young individuals dedicated to making a difference in the local community of mental health and well-being.

As a Young Advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to various projects, engage with your community, and amplify your voice for meaningful change. 

How to get involved with Young Voice

Monthly Youth Panels 

One of the exciting opportunities as a Young Advisor is to participate in our Monthly Youth Panels. These panels serve as a platform for you to share your insights, experiences, and ideas related to mental health and well-being. Your perspective matters, and these panels are your chance to be heard. 

Join our next panel meeting at the Circle on the 9th January 2024 at 17:00 to 19:00

Feedback Gathering

We value your opinions. Young Advisors play a crucial role in gathering feedback from their peers and the wider community through online surveys and polls. Your ability to collect valuable insights will help us refine our programs and services. 

Community Events and Campaign Work

Get involved in local events and campaigns that promote mental health awareness. Music on My Mind events are just one example of how you can get involved! Or if you have passion about a topic on mental health you want to campaign about, then let us know and we will support!

Email us ([email protected]) to start your campaign  

Interview Panels

Sharpen your skills by participating in interview panels. You’ll have the chance to interview candidates, share your perspective, and contribute to the selection process for various roles within the organization. 

We can also provide shadowing and work experience. 

Focus Groups for Project Development

Young Advisors are at the forefront of driving change. You can join focus groups that align with our ongoing projects. Your input will directly impact the direction and success of these projects. 

Support with Content Development

As Young Advisors you will also have the opportunity to support content development for our channels, including our blog and MyMindTV, our platform dedicated to sharing stories, insights, and resources related to mental health. Your creativity and ideas can help shape our content.

Check out our Youth instagram here.

Networking and Participation

Expand your horizons by linking in with other participation groups and events, such as the H&F Youth Council celebration events. Your involvement in these networks will help you grow as a Young Advisor and make a more significant impact. 

By joining Young Voice, you become part of a passionate community committed to creating positive change in the field of mental health and well-being. We look forward to working with you, supporting your growth, and collectively making a difference! 

Any questions please email or text Jade on 07548224079 to get involved in any of the above

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