Counselling For Ukraine

Counselling for Ukraine is our new service offer for anyone affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We can offer up to six sessions of one-to-one counselling, tailored to meet your own specific needs and concerns. 

People who have experienced conflict are more likely to be affected by depression, toxic stress, and anxiety. Separation from support networks like family and friends can leave people feeling isolated and struggling to process their trauma.

The worst impacts of trauma can be prevented and even reversed through a rapid mental health intervention therefore we are offering up to 6 sessions of counselling for Trauma and PTSD to people directly affected by the war in Ukraine.

The key advantage of integrative counselling is its flexibility and focus on the whole of an individual. The integration of different approaches means therapy can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and concerns.

All counselling sessions will be offered Face-to-Face, Virtually (On Zoom) or via telephone calls.


You must be aged 18+

Be living or accessing services (such as healthcare or support) in Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing or Hounslow. 

Refugee arriving from Ukraine or existing Ukrainian and/or Russian resident in one of the above boroughs 

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