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As a local MIND, we operate in the heart of our communities.

Hoarding affects up to 3.3 million people in the UK. Those who hoard items often develop a sense of shame, and this can lead to increased isolation and a breakdown in family relationships. Through working with Hounslow Adult Social Care and Hounslow Housing, we have identified that 200 households currently need hoarding support in this borough alone.

In partnership with Hounslow Housing, we will help through our three-strand service:

Mind over Matter: a 12-week psychoeducation programme looking into what hoarding is, why it develops, why people hoard items and how to develop coping mechanisms to help with managing emotions that occur with hoarding.

Minds Together: This will be an ongoing peer support group that happens monthly, facilitated by Mind staff

Make Space Mentors: These will be volunteers with knowledge of therapeutic interventions, who will assist our clients in decluttering their homes in a sensitive, non-judgemental way to make the environment safer

We will triage and assess all clients who require help with hoarding. 
Those with higher needs will be offered a 1:1 session with Julieanne Steel – Clear Your Mind Team Leader.


Aged 18 or over
Living in Hounslow

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If you are a person who would like to self-refer or a professional looking to make a referral, please fill in the form below, self-referrals accepted:

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